2 Shaw Street, Currie, KING ISLAND, Tasmania  03 6462 1415



  • The ship will depart from Grassy on a Friday and unload in Bell Bay on Monday
  • Please contact the office for shipping dates as sailings are every four weeks to Bell Bay.
  • Cars must be dropped off at Grassy between 8- 9 am on Friday to be loaded on the next ship for Bell Bay.
  • All vehicle keys need to be supplied to allow Biosecurity access to your vehicle.
  • Cars being shipped from Bell Bay will arrive at Grassy on Tuesday (weather permitting)
  • Ring TasPorts at the Grassy Port – 6461 1155 to confirm the day and times for collection of vehicles being shipped from Bell Bay.
  • Payment must be made before the car is shipped and can be Cash or EFTPOS. Personal cheques will not be accepted. Payment can be made at Jim McKenzie Agencies, Currie or Tasmanian Cargo Services, Burnie.
  • Cars will not be accepted or released at Grassy or Bell Bay wharf unless a consignment note is shown.
  • Bass Island Line offer travellers a Tourist Rate fare whereby a free return is available. Conditions are:
    • Valid flight booking details must be given to qualify.
    • The return trip must be completed 3 months from the first trip.
    • If a different car is returned, on the free return leg, an additional surcharge will apply of $314.91 inclusive.
    • Commercial, laden vehicles or business cars do not qualify for the Tourist Rate.
  • Government equalisation rebate does not apply to cars travelling to or from Bell Bay


Unladen Vehicle Rates - up to 1.8 m high Fare Including Wharfage
One Way Vehicle up to 4.29 metres in length $679.64
Tourist Rate Return Trip same car (within 3 months) $779.30
One Way Vehicles over 4.29 m in length up to 5.50 m long $868.82
Tourist Rate Return Trip same car (within 3 months) $968.48


Wharfage is included in the above rates of $49.83 each time the car moves onto a wharf.

All prices quoted are Inclusive of GST and are subject to change without notice.

Current for the month of October.